Weekend Randoms 6/19/2022

Welcome to Sunday.

Cats tend to be very independent creatures, and our two girls are no exception. Bella and Bailey used to cuddle and sleep together as kittens. But as adults, they have become much more standoffish with each other. Unfortunately, this change happened after their spay procedure. Bella had a complication with her incision and needed a second procedure. When she came back, Bailey reacted negatively toward her. While this behavior subsided, they have unfortunately never returned to sleeping in adorable cuddle piles of fur.

But once in a while, they seem to mend their differences and spend some quality time in each other’s presence. We get excited every time we see the cats sleeping even semi-close together. Husband captured them this week, about as close as we ever see them.

I am happy that they generally get along, and can still play, run, and get a case of the zoomies like a pair of kittens. Plus, at least occasionally, we do see them nose-to-nose or sleeping side by side.

Weigela Shrub

We are excited to celebrate our wedding anniversary this week! The final plans haven’t been completely finalized, with Minnesota weather being, well, unpredictable. But no matter, we will have fun.

What caught my eye this week

Cold beer needs to stay cold. Apparently, it’s a myth! I have been hearing, and following, this guideline my entire adult life.

Pride month is underway. I just learned the colors of the Pride Flag each convey meaning.

Are we experiencing film nostalgia burnout? I appreciate a well-done remake, but I love a great original idea.

I grew up with a gas stove and continue to be a fan. Our current home has a gas cooktop and oven, as did our first house. Gas vs electric is now a little more complicated.

Hack to fall asleep quickly. I have been trying deep breathing exercises when I wake up during the night and noticing some benefits.

Have a good weekend!

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