Weekend Randoms 3/6/2022

Welcome to Sunday.

Sunflowers are the national flower of Ukraine. The country and its proud people have remained in my thoughts. I was discussing with a good friend this week how I can’t keep myself from reading all the news reports. So many stories of heroes and just all-around good humans have come out, including this chef feeding refugees at the border.

This month will mark two years into the COVID-19 pandemic. Are we coming down the other side of the mountain? Damn, I hope so. This time two years ago, Coronavirus was probably in the news, but certainly not a situation we thought would affect us in any way. It seems like the numbers are going in the right direction. I am cautiously hopeful.

I heard geese flying over the other day. I used to associate that sound with spring coming, but the weather is so crazy these days, I don’t think the animals know what to believe.

What caught my eye this week

The pets of Ukraine and their humans. The dedication of the man carrying not only a cat carrier but also a fish tank.

Bat houses are becoming a thing. Bats are so beneficial. I think they are adorable. 🙂

Taste can be acquired, but can it be inherited? We certainly chose to eat differently than any of our parents. I also eat a lot of foods now I wouldn’t have touched 10 years ago.

The best fast food that you haven’t ever tried. We don’t eat a lot of fast food, but I would love to try a Popeye’s hot chicken sandwich.

Keep those avocados fresh! Plus keep a cut avocado fresh in the refrigerator!

I was late to the This is Us party. I was convinced it would be far too sappy for my taste. Fortunately, I gave it a try and the show become a favorite.

We all need a good comedy right now.

Curled Up Bella

I have approximately a million photos of sleeping, or at last sleepy, cats on my phone. I can’t resist the curled-up paws.

Have a nice weekend.

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