Weekend Randoms 3/27/2022

Happy Sunday.

This wintery scene greeted me Wednesday morning. It was forecasted, and I definitely wasn’t surprised to see it. But it was a bummer as I had the day off and we had plans to out of town for the day and possibly overnight. But when the words frozen mix kept coming up every time I checked my weather app, I knew plans had to change.

Butter Baked Walleye with Risotto and Capers

We made the best of it. We enjoyed lunch at our favorite local Mexican restaurant. Then later we got a little dressed up and enjoyed a lovely dinner. Mine is pictured above. I had been wanting to try this dish since I saw it on the menu the last time we dined at this establishment shortly before Christmas. The walleye was so delicious and I am a sucker for risotto.

What caught my eye this week

Refresh for spring.

How to beat the afternoon slump. For me, this is right after lunch, especially when my sleep the night before was sketchy. Getting up and moving works.

The seven essential spices for your pantry. These are good ones. I also use a lot of rosemary and thyme. Fresh basil is also exquisite!

Code-Switching. How we change how we present ourselves based on our surroundings.

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