Weekend Randoms 1/30/2022

Happy Sunday!

Oh hey, I am just over here waiting for football! I can’t wait to watch the conference championship games after those amazing games last weekend. I was cheering for all the visiting teams, and all but one were winners. But four close contests, all decided on the last play of the game. One of the best weekends of NFL football ever!

The only thing that would have made it better would have been the Vikings playing, and, of course, winning their playoff game.

I am rooting for the Bengals; but fully expect the Chiefs to win. I can’t decide between the Rams and 49ers. Hopefully, two really close, competitive games.

White Chicken Chili

Still craving soups and other warm, cozy meals. I need to update this chicken chili post. It is so good.

What caught my eye this week

The Winter Olympics start this week. I am honestly conflicted. I love watching and supporting the athletes, but I believe in the US diplomatic boycott of the game.

The GOAT. Tom Brady, quarterback and greatest to ever play the game, is reportedly set to retire.

We have really cut down on food waste over the years. Planning ahead has really helped us waste a minimal amount.

Many of these “boring” beauty products have been around forever and for a good reason. They just flat-out work!

The worst part of the colonoscopy is hand-down the prep the night before. I need to remember to keep the solution cold next time.

Adulthood tweets, I laughed out loud!

I am definitely selectively social. I identify with so many of these.

The long-awaited White House cat made her appearance. Willow is adorable! I was listening to an NPR podcast the morning and there was mention of mice in the White House, as it is really quite an old building. Willow may be a working cat!


Bella loves her cuddle cup. We have several around the house, and Bella has always been much more likely than Bailey to take advantage of sleeping away the afternoon snuggled in the kitty cup.

Have a good weekend!

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