Weekend Randoms 10/17/2021

Fall Beauty at Gooseberry Falls State Park

Happy Sunday!

The weather is definitely getting cooler. I do have to say we are having a lovely and extended fall season. Too often, summer has turned into winter, and we never get the autumn that so many of us crave.

This week, I was reminding myself there are advantages to the cooler weather. The mosquitos and gnats are gone and the road construction projects wrap up for the year. The old adage of Minnesota’s two seasons being winter and road construction is no joke!

One of the biggest advantages of cooler weather for me is improvement in my sleep patterns. I have struggled with getting adequate sleep my entire life. Getting to sleep was my challenge as a child and young adult. As I have gotten older, staying asleep has become my bigger challenge. While sleep is challenging year-round, I certainly have better luck in the fall and winter months.

Hubby got me a weighted blanket for my birthday this past August. I had been considering one for a while. As I read any and all articles on sleep, I knew of their benefits.

I have liked the blanket since I got it, but since the weather has cooled, it is really helping my sleep! During the summer, I could only tolerate it over me for short periods before I got too hot. But now I can settle in and sleep all night under the comfort of the weighted blanket. I find it comforting. One theory is the weighted blanket simulates being tucked tightly into bed. Whatever the case, I feel like it is helping me.

My sleep still isn’t perfect. I don’t think I will ever be lucky enough to fall asleep quickly and sleep soundly for eight hours every night. But my weighted blanket does seem to be helping me get better quality sleep more consistently.

View of the river.

We took a walk down by the river last weekend. I appreciate these last few weeks of mild weather before winter sets in.

What caught my eye this week

I was excited to read of progress for the approval of boosters for those of us who received the Moderna vaccine. I am still chuckling over a homeless man putting an anti-vaccine protester in her place.

Martha Stewart and her adorable baby chicks. 🙂

The new James Bond movie looks good, and the sets and scenery look gorgeous!

Girl Meets Farm is one of my favorite cooking shows. I can’t wait to see this special.

These trees are stunning. That Japanese maple is incredible.

I am all about my routine, but sometimes it’s best to drop the routine.

Reading at bedtime is one of my favorite routines. I agree with these hacks, in particular, to not finish a book you aren’t enjoying.


Have a lovely weekend!

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