Weekend Randoms 3/7/2021

Baby rabbit

Happy Sunday!

With temperatures reaching 60 degrees today I am really thinking spring. While in reality, March can still bring winter weather with a vengeance, we are getting to the end of the serious cold and snow. I hope.

We got outside for a walk yesterday, and that is definitely the plan again today. Glorious!

Regular fried and sweet potato fries

One of our favorite side dishes is oven fries; often regular fries for Hubby and sweet potato fries for me. While I eat and love all fries I adore sweet potato fries. Unfortunately, he isn’t a fan, but luckily we can both get what we love.

I was thinking how we all tend to have strong opinions when the subject of food dislikes comes up. Ask people their favorite foods and for a lot of us, it is a tough question. I love so many foods and can’t possibly come up with a consensus favorite. Plus, I eat a lot of food now that would have made my list of disliked foods not long ago. Blueberries and raisins are good examples. I wouldn’t touch a tomato as a kid, but now I practically eat them every day.

But I still detest green bell peppers and trust me, I have tried them. Fortunately, a few years ago I discovered how delicious red bell peppers are compared to their green, unripe, counterparts.

So is it changing tastes or just not giving foods a fair chance in the past? Either way, it’s fun to open up a new category of food to enjoy.

What caught my eye this week:

The new Johnson & Johnson vaccine and the question of effectiveness. It’s effective.

Marriage during a pandemic – so interesting.

Naming your house – We name our vehicles, but not our house.

Martha – the original influencer.

Animal cuteness – Because I can never find too much animal cuteness.

Kindness to animals: Love it.

My new podcast binge – Super entertaining!


Happy weekend and enjoy this weather!

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