Weekend Randoms 12/6/2020

black squirrel water fountain

Happy Sunday!

I am so grateful the weather has stayed mild into December. Our temperatures have been in the 30s and low 40s. Many years past we would have a layer of snow and frozen ground by this time. But the grass is still green and this little squirrel can enjoy a drink on the not-yet-frozen birdbath.

Working my way through our Thanksgiving leftovers. I love an excuse to be creative with recipes to use up all the wonderful turkey.

This turkey pot pie was dinner two nights in a row. Years ago I shared my basic recipe; this pie was made with leftover roast turkey, homemade chicken stock and my easy pie crust. It was so delicious. 🙂

Turkey pot pie

In addition to turkey I also had some fresh cranberries. They made for some yummy cranberry cream cheese muffins.

Cranberry cream cheese muffins

Most people I see are full-on into everything Christmas. I am happy to take my time with decorating. My plan to keep it pretty simple this year; only putting out items I absolutely love.

What caught my eye this week:

2020 in Photos: Every year I find these photos so fascinating. Lots of tough images this year.

Eliminating misinformation: About time.

2020 meets her match: On the lighter side; fun from the hilarious mind of Ryan Reynolds.

Koala in the Christmas tree: What a surprise! Thankfully, he is fine.

Stress and the immune system: The mind/body connection.

Rapper turned full time cat rescuer: I could not love this more!

Check out Bailey enjoying the heat coming from underneath the hutch. Upside down is her go-to sleep pose; it is adorable!

Upside down Bailey

Have an awesome Sunday.

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