Weekend Randoms 11/8/2020

What a week.

A Presidential election during a pandemic was bound to be challenging. Personally I have to say it has exceeded my expectations and I was expecting chaos. Happily election day, which turned into election week, is now concluded. I am also happy with the result. My hope in the short term is just a return to decency.

Usually Daylight Savings Time change messes me up but I can honestly say this year wasn’t a big deal. I wake up early but I always wake up early. Now the election…that screwed up my sleep! I always get up long before sunrise so no change there. But not a fan of driving home at 5pm in the dark!

November feels more like spring right now! I have enjoyed walks and a couple runs outside and it has been simply glorious. Cold temperatures and possibly more snow both coming next week but I have been so grateful for a burst of warmth and sunshine. 🙂

Of course the leaves keep falling and need collecting. But with temperatures in the 70s yesterday we didn’t mind a good excuse to be outside.

My favorite little outdoor figurine is this darling little toad house. This little guy has got to be almost 20 years old! He is a little scruffy and weather-worn but I think that adds to his charm. No, I have never actually witnessed a toad using the house but I keep looking! 🙂

What caught my eye this week:

Life-changing compliments More kindness and better compliments.

Too much clutter: Guilty of many of these. Although we did clear out a bunch of vases and glassware a while ago.

Communication through masks: Since masks aren’t going anyway anytime soon. I was talking to a patient at work how you can tell by looking at someone’s eyes if they are smiling.

Coping fatigue: Or election fatigue, COVID fatigue, 2020-as-a-whole fatigue…maybe all of the above.

Monthly exam: We can always use a reminder.

I leave you with Queen Bella in all her glory. Have a lovely Sunday.

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