Weekend Randoms 11/1/2020

Bailey enjoying one of her favorite spots on the couch.
Bella waiting for attention.

Happy Halloween weekend!

Bella and Bailey recently celebrated a birthday! These pretty girls were born 11 years ago on Halloween night. Time flies! It doesn’t seem possible we have had them for so long. Obviously they are as cute as ever. 🙂

Ready for winter

Outdoor prep for the upcoming winter is pretty much done other than ongoing raking and collection of leaves. The vegetable garden and potted flowers got cleaned up about a week ago. Garden season wraps up mid to end of October in Minnesota as the temperatures dip below freezing.

All the herbs were brought inside a couple weeks ago. Most of them are residing in the spare bedroom on some shelving. Notice the tomatoes between the top two pots. I bring in all my green tomatoes every year before the first hard frost. The tomatoes slowly ripen beside the sunny window. Not quite as tasty as vine ripened fruit but still well worth saving.

The three basil plants are inside a plastic tent to treat for the aphids and white flies that tend to cluster on the leaves. A little inconvenient but I love fresh basil so it is worth a try. Bella is keeping the plants company. 🙂


This election season felt like an eternity. Husband and I voted weeks ago but it just feels weird to not be going to the polls on Tuesday. Election stress is real; especially this year.

What caught my eye this week:

Fitting in more daily steps: I miss the outdoor walks and runs during spring, summer and fall. Winter makes us have to get more creative.

Sorry, not sorry: So many of us apologize automatically for little or nothing. I catch myself all the time.

Coffee art: I love the idea of people just noticing this. Taking joy in the little things.

Turtle baby boom: Finding the positive in a challenging year.

Definitely heading into fireplace season!

Have a wonderful Sunday.

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