Weekend Randoms 6/2/2024

How is it June already!!?? This summer is going to fly by like they all do.

We have a row of shrubs with pretty, delicate purple flowers in front of the house. They go nicely with the Viking flag. It isn’t a coincidence, as we tend to pick purple things if we have a choice.

The Timberwolves season is over. It is such a bummer, but I thought they had a great year and have lots to build on. The Minnesota Lynx season is off to a great start!

It has been such a cloudy spring/summer so far. We walked down by the river yesterday and thought we would end up in a downpour. It didn’t rain and turned bright and sunny soon afterward.

Almost a year later, and I still fondly remember some of our great meals in New York City. By the end of the trip, we were convinced that it was hard to go wrong with food choices. There is so much competition in NYC, restaurants have to be good to survive.

The best hikes in San Diego. Our favorite hikes were on the beach.

I scrolled through this list of weird roadside attractions convinced I knew the answer for Minnesota. I was wrong. The big yellow candy store would have been my guess. Maybe it isn’t weird enough?

Check out these vintage kitchen gadgets. I remember having a manual hand mixer as a kid.

Being a convicted felon makes international travel difficult.

Hubby gets photo credit. Bailey was posing and being cute. Honestly, the ragdolls are always posing and being cute. 🙂

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