Weekend Randoms 5/19/2024

Happy Sunday.

These lilacs make the whole main floor of our house smell amazing.

Our favorite park has a back section which becomes baby bunny central in the spring/summer at certain times of the day. Last year we took a walk in the earlyish morning. I say earlyish as it was probably between 7 and 8 o’clock. This is early for most normal humans, but when you get up at 4am like I do, you are headed into mid-morning territory.

We lost count of the hopping, scampering, adorable baby bunnies we saw on that walk. Exercise and baby animals, what a combination. We headed out yesterday morning on the same back path. No such luck. We didn’t see any adult, much less baby rabbits. Perhaps too early in the year, the bunnies are still too itty-bitty to bounce around on their own.

Speaking of baby animals, we went to the Minnesota Zoo a few days ago and included a visit to the farm. Baby lambs and baby goats hopping around. Cute! No piglets or calves, which was a bummer, but we will be back.

We did get a great view of the tigers, they were out and active.

In Other Thoughts

We have been talking about our summer vacation. The consensus is we will revisit a favorite. We like a mix of relaxation and activity. I don’t think I could sit on a beach day after day, but we loved walking the beach in San Diego.

Vacation is not real life. Walk all day and dine out every meal? Nope. I love to cook, for one thing. But it sure is fun for a week. 🙂

The best products at ALDI. I always have several of the dark chocolate bars in the pantry for a sweet treat after dinner. Those chocolate peanut butter cups are dangerous, in the best possible way! I always buy the almond milk and we like the marinara sauce.

Think happy thoughts for the Minnesota Timberwolves tonight, game 7 versus the Denver Nuggets. Win this game and they take down the defending NBA champions. They would next move on to the Western Conference Finals.

Have a lovely weekend.

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