Weekend Randoms 5/12/2024

Happy Sunday.

As the warm weather approaches Hubby and I are taking more walks outside. We are lucky to live close to a park with two small ponds. Every year we see new little goose and duck families. Dad is off to the side of this photo and keeping a close eye on us. They are quite protective. We always make sure to be respectful and keep our distance.

I haven’t started flower shopping yet. How gorgeous is this begonia? Whenever I walk in the garden center I have to restrain myself from buying too many.

The view out the front window is gorgeous when the crabapple tree is flowering. I am a big fan of fall colors, but spring is pretty spectacular as well.

Last weekend we took a walk down by the river. The river is high thanks to all the recent rain.

Horace, the corpse flower, is getting ready to bloom. They are quite pretty, but as the name suggests, they smell like rotten flesh.

The best read-it-later apps. I have been using the Safari Reading List for years.

We always visit the art museums when we travel to a new city. I enjoy it all, but especially the paintings.

Salad, side, or dessert? I think chocolate cookie salad sounds like all three! This would go like gangbusters at a potluck. I still remember having Snickers salad at a potluck as a kid.

I will be curious if I find this to be true. Buying from bulk bins pretty much died around here during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Whenever the cats are this close together, I feel compelled to get a photo. Bella and Bailey tolerate each other, but they like their space. They are certainly independent little creatures. 🙂

Enjoy the warm weather this weekend!

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