Weekend Randoms 4/7/2024

Happy Sunday.

There are many opinions on carrot cake, from how the cake is put together to the ingredients. Carrot cake always contains, well, carrots! I can’t say I have ever seen one that isn’t topped with some variety of cream cheese frosting. But beyond that, they vary widely. Brian Lagerstram shared his recipe recently. I gotta say, that two-layer cake looks scrumptious. 🙂

I agree that carrot cake doesn’t need nuts, but fruit is a whole different story. Soft raisins and pineapple make a perfect fine carrot cake incredibly moist and delicious.

As it happens I am making a carrot cake this weekend! I was asked to bring dessert for dinner, and carrot cake is always a hit. A hit that turns out perfectly every time I make it. The best kind.

Spring is coming, and the herbs are finally back out on the deck. They all look a little sketchy, some sun will do them good. We had such a mild winter that we thought we could put them out earlier, but the spring has been cold up until now.

The solar eclipse tomorrow is all over the news. I saw a story of people trying to marry at the eclipse’s exact time. Who needs that stress? Ha.

The Women’s NCAA Basketball Final Four Tournament is getting so much attention, and I love it. It is so good for women’s sports.

What you can, and cannot trust, from your fitness wearable device. Plus how attention to your health apps can backfire.

The comments in this post are awesome.

Have a lovely weekend.

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