Weekend Randoms 3/24/2024

Frosty Woods

Happy Sunday.

I don’t know what it is going to look like outside when this post goes live. I have heard 13 inches of snow from Sunday to Monday but also that the storm system could not amount to anything. My commute to work on Monday might be an adventure. I feel a little out of practice after the extremely mild winter.

If we do get a big snowfall it will be gone soon, and we desperately need the moisture. So I am going to roll with it.

I really enjoyed Apples Never Fall on Peacock. So many twists and turns! I haven’t read the book the series is based on, but I have read a couple of books by Liane Moriarty, the author.

This is an interesting article about which exercises burn the most calories. I am always pleasantly surprised by how strength training burns calories according to my Apple Watch.

There is a wealth of terrific podcasts out there. I have been trying the trick of listening to them at 1.5 speed to optimize my time and get through my content. It takes a bit to get used to everyone sounding a little manic! But I like it.

The Breast Cancer Risk Assessment Score made the news recently with Olivia Munn revealing her diagnosis on Instagram.

Hopefully, Kate Middleton will be given some privacy after her announcement. Admittedly, I was curious as to her whereabouts. But the speculations and wild theories about her being out of the public eye had to be difficult for the princess and her family.

The cats like to sit in the window and watch the snow. I tend to be less excited about it. 😉

Have a good weekend.

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