Weekend Randoms 3/10/2024

Happy Sunday.

The whole Daylight Savings Time change thing caught me by surprise this year.

Granted, it really wouldn’t be possible to miss these days. Years ago, Hubby and I had to make our way around the house and manually change the clocks. Now, I can count the number of clocks on one hand that don’t automatically adjust to DST. So other than wondering what the heck happened to that hour of sleep, forgetting the time change isn’t an option.

But I get up before the sun anyway, so maybe I wouldn’t even notice. Or maybe I will end up taking a nap later today, curled up with the cats. 🙂

I remember when Honeycrisp apples were introduced! They are so good. Sweet and crisp, perfect for snacking or baking. They were really expensive, but have come down in price.

Podcasts are in my AirPods while I eat lunch, make dinner, or anytime I feel like listening. A transcript might be handy if I want to refer back to something.

Starbucks and Caribou both have new spring drinks featuring lavender. I am intrigued and will definitely try one!

I have never tried a ramp. This time of year recipes appear singing their praises. They are wild-harvested in the spring. From my understanding, it looks like an onion with a garlic-like flavor. I do get the concept of being excited about an ingredient with limited availability. Minnesota’s answer is the morel mushroom, which is seasonal, sought-after, and freaking delicious!

The best vegan protein sources. I am certainly not a vegan, but I enjoy plant-based protein sources and looking for meat alternatives.

Have a lovely weekend.

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