Weekend Randoms 2/4/2024

Happy Sunday.

I have been telling everyone, I don’t think winter is close to over. As adorable as he may be, Phil probably isn’t correct with his early spring prediction. February and March will bring some snow. I don’t love this, believe me. But we do need the moisture. The earth and trees need moisture. If I am right, I will be reminding myself of this as I drive through the snow.

“Taylor Drift” and the rest of the Minnesota snowplows haven’t exactly been overworked this winter. The names are so clever this year.

I love stretching after a workout, but it feels great anytime. Most of us just don’t stretch enough. Those first couple of stretches for your neck and back are so good, since we all spend so much time hunched over computers and smartphones.

Jon Stewart is returning to The Daily Show for one show a week through the upcoming election cycle. Hubby and I were faithful viewers when Jon was the host. He wouldn’t have a shortage of material.

They seem so easy, but I find poached eggs a struggle. I am trying to figure out my perfect timing with the microwave method. My first try was too underdone, even for me, and I like a really soft yoke. On my second try the yoke was hard, and the egg exploded in the microwave. The next try will be 40 seconds and see what happens.

I need to remember this when I get the urge to go through my closets.

Date nights, Saturday breakfast, and pizza for football games, rituals are good. 🙂

Enjoy the mild weather, at least while it lasts! We took a walk outside last week and it was glorious.

Have a nice weekend.

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