Weekend Randoms 1/28/2024

Happy Sunday.

My Sunday morning routine is different from the rest of the week. Monday through Saturday I get straight out of bed and exercise. Years ago, I would have said no way am I doing that! But, after deciding to work out right away in the morning before I talked myself out of it, I came to love it. It’s the perfect way to start my day.

Sunday morning is a little different. We like to grocery shop super early before the crowds set in. So I get up at my normal crazy-early time, make a latte, and enjoy my favorite weekend blog posts. Exercise comes later in the morning.

I am a creature of routine, and I love it.

I feel like hubby and I were just talking about this. You can turn anything into soup.

Tyler Bass, the kicker for the Buffalo Bills, missed a field goal and the nasty side of social media came after him. The 10 Lives Club, a cat rescue organization, supported him as he has worked with them. Fans donated en masse to the cat rescue in support of Bass. I was happy to see some good come from what is a repulsive side of sports.

Speaking of sports, and cats, the Detroit Lions are one win away from playing in their first Super Bowl. I have a soft spot for the Lions as they are the other team in the division besides the Vikings to have not won it all. I am happy the Lions are having their moment, but I want the Vikings to have their moment. Some year, I do believe, it will be the Vikings’ turn.

We buy ginormous rolls of parchment paper, it is such a great kitchen tool.

I smile when I read any good news about the future of rhinos. They are amazing animals.

Have a lovely weekend.

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