Weekend Randoms 12/31/2023

Although I am ready to be done with Christmas on December 26, I am never in a rush to take the tree down. This is particularly true if the tree is real. I love how it lights up the living room, both literally and figuratively. The tree in the front window also looks festive from the street.

I had to get one more picture before we took it down. This tree stayed so fresh and lost minimal needles. It was a good one.

Thanks to an evening Vikings game tonight, I will get closer to seeing the new year roll around than I have in a long time. That said, I can’t imagine I will see midnight.

Why Adieu is a terrible Wordle starting word. I don’t know that it is terrible, but I have long been a fan of Raise.

A former Secret Service agent talks about protecting Michelle Obama. Spoiler alert, she is as amazing as she seems.

I love a good cooking tip. Ginger root in the freezer is a great tip. I must remember the tip about putting chicken cutlets in the refrigerator before frying. It’s so annoying when the breading comes off!

Chobani makes the best coffee creamer. It makes my everyday coffee and my weekend lattes taste delicious. I got my hands on the white chocolate raspberry flavor recently, and I am excited to try it, especially after reading this.

Happy New Year!

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