Weekend Randoms 4/9/2023

Happy Sunday!

Temperatures are in the 60s all week, I am so ready. Accurate or not, I feel like this was a really long, drawn-out winter.

I was looking through early photos of Bella and Bailey and found some adorable pictures of them enjoying the sun and each other. They would have been about six months old in the photo above. Not itty bitty baby kittens, but not adult cats either.

The mystery of the missing Minnesota Viking flag was solved this week. The snow finally melted over most of the front yard and lo and behold, there was the flag! I had been quite sure someone made off with it. But, happily, I was wrong, and now we have two flags instead of one.

Baby chicks! A true sign of spring. I didn’t specifically stop at Tractor Supply Company to coo over the sweet chicks and ducklings, but I totally would. 🙂 Hubby needed a couple of things, so we had reason to go. I loved baby chick season growing up. They don’t stay soft, little fluff balls for very long. Soon their feathers come in and they look pretty awkward on their way to being adult chickens.

It was hard to get a good photo as they are, of course, protected from prying hands.

Backyard chickens are becoming more commonplace within city limits. I don’t believe our community allows it. I would be tempted, but it would be an undertaking.

What caught my eye this week

Every year the Dirty Dozen list comes out with the 12 fruits and vegetables most contaminated with pesticides. It is concerning as I eat and enjoy a lot of produce. I found this article quite reassuring.

Owning a pet may help keep your brain sharp. I don’t know if the cats are keeping our minds sharp, but they certainly entertain us every day.

The benefits of lifestyle medicine. I don’t think this idea takes away from conventional medicine but rather enhances it.

Wow, mobile photography has really come a long way.

Five traits that happy women share. Actually, probably just happy people in general.

Another throwback kitty photo. This is Bailey.

Have a lovely spring weekend!

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