Weekend Randoms 9/5/2021

Monarch Butterfly

Happy Sunday!

Husband gets the photo credit for that gorgeous photo of a pretty Monarch butterfly in our backyard. I’ve always loved butterflies, but I certainly appreciate seeing them more than ever as the species is threatened.

Labor Day Weekend! What the heck? It seems like it was just Memorial Day a few weeks ago. The weather has been a little cool too, so not a fan. But we have 70 degrees and sunny in the extended forecast. The next two days look beautiful!

This time of year, when I am meal planning, I start thinking of what summer foods I need to add to our menu before the weather gets cold. Do I want to try any new grilled chicken marinade? What should I make with our garden tomatoes? I have two bags of frozen tomatoes that will be turned into sauces or chili. Those awesome tomatoes provide a taste of summer when the weather turns cold.

I have pumpkin pancakes planned for Labor Day breakfast, speaking of fall. Looking back in my journal, that breakfast has been our tradition for the holiday. Works for me! Later that evening we are having chicken on the grill. I love a long weekend. 🙂

What caught my eye this week

In light of the new law in Texas, how each state stands on a woman’s right to choose.

The value of doing a little.

Unsolicited advice – we all do it, and we all hate it!

Books being made into movies or TV series.

Wildlife comedy photo awards. That snake!

Washing and storing blueberries. I am a newbie to blueberries, as in just this past year. I know, silly me.


Bella looks ready for a relaxing holiday. I love the crossed paws.

Enjoy your weekend!

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