Weekend Randoms 4/4/2021


Happy Sunday!

We are enjoying a beautiful spring weekend in Minnesota. With temperatures up to 70 and sunny, I think we can say spring is here.

I would love to say those gorgeous daffodils are blooming right now in the backyard. That is indeed a picture of a very hardy daffodil plant that grows near the edge of the ravine, but it is a late bloomer. The above picture was taken a few years ago in June. But I have to say the flowers are well worth the wait. Daffodils look so bright and happy. 🙂

young bunny
A young bunny in the backyard.

The Easter bunny is probably ready for a rest by this time. Although this guy is pretty young. I am guessing he didn’t have to work too hard. 😉

This week I am looking forward to lunch out with a friend for the first time in over a year. She is also fully vaccinated. I can’t wait! I posted this past week about the restaurant experience and I miss it.

What caught my eye this week:

COVID vaccines showing success in real-world studies. More important than ever to dispel the persistent myths that surround the vaccines.

Making small talk after living through a pandemic. Although I have never been good at small talk. 🙂

Encouragement if you don’t always like to People. Safe to say many of us like our alone time.

Multi-tasking is almost a necessity in modern life, but it comes at a cost. As someone who has forgotten an ingredient making dinner because she was doing several other tasks at once; I can attest to this.

Clean as you go: I like some of these.

These kitchen hacks are pretty good! My grocery list is separated into sections and is ongoing through the week, this saves so much time.

I love kitchen gadgets! I have nearly all of these. I use many of these every day; especially my Microplane grater and citrus squeezer.

Finally, forget Easter bunnies, how about a tree frog? (I still need that Cadbury egg……)


Bella enjoying the spring sunshine. Who can blame her? Gotta savor these Minnesota spring weekends.

Have an awesome Sunday.

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