Pasta Sauce

The above photo isn’t my delicious spaghetti sauce we enjoyed tonight, but it’s certainly the most important ingredient.

I quickly learned growing tomatoes that you always end up with more than you could hope to eat fresh; certainly not the two of us. No matter as they lead to fabulous pasta sauce and salsa.

But I dreaded the skin removal process. Pulling tomatoes out of boiling hot water to remove their skins didn’t sound like fun. In talking to someone I learned of a much easier method-throw them in the freezer. When they are completely frozen solid put them in hot water. The skin literally falls off. The one thing to remember to to cut out the stem part and any imperfections ahead of time before you stick the tomatoes in the freezer.

At that point the tomatoes were cooked down and when some of liquids had evaporated I added spices, mushrooms, garlic and onions. Tonight I added Italian sausage when I served it for dinner.

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