Fish Tacos

Food blogs and restaurants are all about fish tacos lately. I thought it sounded like something different.

My plan was to use tilapia as I had some in the freezer; flavored with lime and garlic. After not being able to find more to go with it I ended up with some frozen lemon-garlic grilled fish fillets.

Looking up sauces for fish tacos I found either Chipotle Mayo or some form of creamy chive sauce. I decided on the spicy Chipotle Mayo sauce to compete with “fishy” taste. I had been looking for an excuse to buy some Kraft Sandwich Shop Mayo-chipotle flavor. For vegetables I chopped up tomatoes, green onions, red pepper and added some cilantro.

I liked it a lot. It was very flavorful and a lower calorie choice for a main entree.

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