Potato gnocchi

While watching Food Network a few days ago I decided to try gnocchi. It is definitely one of those fussy meals you plan on a weekend or day off.
I found the process of making the potato dough pretty easy. It didn’t seem to take very much flour; for better or for worse. They were fun to cut apart and shape and I thought they were cute on the plate going into the refrigerator to sit.

A few hours later, with the water boiling, the nerves kick in. If there is too much flour the gnocchi wouldn’t float, too little flour they fall apart. The fun is dinner is supposed to be happening in five minutes. They don’t work-then what???
I am happy to report they floated like champs and did not fall apart. Success! They did, however, somewhat fall apart when I put them in the pan with the vegetables and sauce. I am honestly not sure why. Perhaps the pan was too hot. In retrospect, I would have put the gnocchi directly on the ricotta and poured the sauce over them. I really think they would have worked fine.

But it was delicious. The gnocchi themselves were light, soft and tasty and I did think the recipe was very flavorful. The lemon ricotta was a very nice touch.

The recipe can be found here:

Potato Gnocchi with Peas, Prosciutto and Ricotta

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