Chicken ala me

Now don’t get me wrong; I am under no illusion that I am the first one to put veggies and cheese on chicken and call it yummy. But the fact is one day I just put it together, no recipe, just this-sounds-good-with-that and went for it.

It starts with a boneless skinless chicken breast; sliced in half the long way to make a long thin strip of chicken. This gets covered with flour and spices. The spices vary every time I make it. Last night it was salt, pepper, garlic and Italian spices.

The chicken is then browned in olive oil for about 10 minutes until it is brown on both sides, but not necessarily done in the middle. I then throw in the oven at 375 degrees for 20 minutes.

A little more olive oil and in the pan go some veggies. Mushrooms are absolutely necessary in my opinion. Spinach is wonderful and adds some nice green color. A little fresh garlic is good, onion would probably work too.

When there is about 5 minutes left on the chicken pull it out and throw the veggies on top. Then cover with cheese. I am particularly fond of muenster cheese here, but mozzarella or Monterey Jack would be fine too. Let the cheese melt and you have it-Chicken ala me.

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