Weekend Randoms 1/7/2024

Happy Sunday.

I keep forgetting that New Year’s Day was earlier this week. For one thing, I am writing the year 2024 consistently without having to try to turn a 3 into a 4. Usually, we are weeks into a New Year before my habit changes. Maybe it’s not a deal for many people, but nurses write the date a lot.

As I fully expected I didn’t make it the midnight on New Year’s Eve, nor did I even try. After watching the catastrophe of a Vikings game, it was best to just throw my sleep mask on and call it a day. The Vikings still have a slim chance of making the playoffs, but today is likely their last game of the season.

We will be enjoying our weekly homemade pizza through the remainder of the football season. Recently I have switched over to hubby’s method of making the dough the same day. I need to write a post outlining the specifics.

The “New Year New You” stuff is crap. But that said, I do like setting goals. Some ideas on how to stay motivated when the excitement wears off. If the goal is fitness, here are some myths to ignore.

A list of free days at Minnesota state parks for 2024. I love our local state park.

A rescued cat now taking care of other furry patients. I have seen the adorable photo of Rico with the kitten who is receiving an IV, but I didn’t know the story behind the picture. So sweet.

Have a wonderful weekend.

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