Weekend Randoms 1/21/2024

Happy Sunday.

Earlier this week, I made a newish pasta recipe with ground turkey and ravioli. One downside of planning menus is that I can’t predict what I might crave on any given day. I was hungry for warm, filling pasta all day and it didn’t disappoint.

The picture above is spaghetti and turkey meatballs in these cute pasta bowls we bought a while ago. They work well and something about eating pasta out of a bowl feels cozy. 🙂

Pasta sauce made with my fresh, garden tomatoes is so freaking good, but there are some great jarred sauces out there.

I am in full hermit mode at the moment. Having to throw on a hundred (approximately) layers of clothing to go outside sounds like far too much trouble. Work and grocery shopping are the only commitments getting me to leave the house—the one exception last week was a long-overdue lunch with a dear friend.

Sixty looks pretty good on a lot of people these days. I have a few years to go, but it certainly doesn’t seem as old as it used to.

I like all kinds of movies. But I will admit sometimes we just want something fun and easy that doesn’t make us think too hard.

Roast chicken sounds delicious! I am sure all the recipes are wonderful.

My favorite salad dressing isn’t cheap. I always add a little almond milk to the creamy dressings at the end of the bottle to try to get every drop. I might try a little apple cider vinegar next time.

Have a cozy weekend.

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