Weekend Randoms 1/14/2024

Happy Sunday.

It’s the snow pretty? No, not really.

I haven’t even taken a picture of the recent snow yet. The photo above is from a few years ago when a sweet group of deer made their way up from the ravine and strolled through the backyard.

The recent snow was minimal, but the cold and wind is making it miserable outside for everyone. Although these two black squirrels do seem to be handling it okay. They have been playing and racing around the last two days.

We will be staying warm and cozy inside watching the NFL playoffs. The weather is making things interesting with the Buffalo Bills game postponed due to a major snowstorm. The Vikings played in the third coldest playoff game in NFL history back in 2016. The game in Kansas City will likely make that list.

Gentle January is where it’s at. Especially when it’s bitter cold, snowy, and downright gross outside. January isn’t meant to be anyone’s favorite month, and add in this New Year’s push to be your best self! Nope. I’m not feeling it. But this is a nice list of, let’s call them tweaks.

I was so excited to get my very first iPhone way back when they were introduced. So many improvements since then. A lot of these seem so basic now.

We don’t typically watch award shows, but I enjoy checking out how many of the nominees we have seen. I have seen well over half of the nominated shows and I would have a hard time picking winners.

These cookies look yummy. The combination of white chocolate and cranberry was having a moment at our house last month. I made two new bar recipes featuring them and both were keepers!

Stay warm and have a lovely weekend.

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