Weekend Randoms 11/14/2020

Happy weekend!

As a very early riser every morning I get the chance to see lots of sunrises. October and November seem to produce some especially gorgeous scenes. Personally I think Mother Nature is trying to sweeten the blow of the transition to winter! 😉

Excited for new fall TV; particularly Grey’s Anatomy! It doesn’t seem possible that the show is now on season 17! Normally I watch Grey’s on the treadmill on Friday morning but with the two-hour season premiere I decided to wait. I really had to work to avoid spoilers as I keep seeing references to the last few minutes of the show. It was worth the wait!

I use my treadmill 2-3 times a week; especially in the winter months when walking and running outside just isn’t feasible. The belt on my 7 year old treadmill started shredding and getting caught up under the machine while I was walking a couple of days ago. Yikes! Fortunately I was able to stop the treadmill and successfully get myself off without incident. Husband was able to fix it, so I should be good to go!

What caught my eye this week:

Exciting news regarding a COVID-19 vaccine thought to be 90% effective.

Eat spicy; life longer…..another reason for me to like spicy food.

Faster cooking – When you are busy and hungry and turning hangry. Organization is key.

Multi-tasking isn’t always best. I remember reading that no one is truly good at multitasking.

Giant alligators in Florida. Maybe he is actually a dinosaur! We can’t be surprised by anything this year.

Bailey is settled in for the day. Have a lovely Sunday.

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