Chicken pot pie…with photos

My original post with recipe. I decided this recipe deserved a photo and another recognition. It is that good.

I love chicken pot pie. I even loved chicken pot pie when the only ones I ate were those little frozen ones sold along side the TV dinners. Some people loved Ramon noodles,  I loved my pot pies. Along with pizza that was pretty much what kept me alive my first year on my own.
What I can’t figure out is why it took me so long to try a homemade pot pie. I have been making pie crusts from scratch for years, and that is the hardest part.

As mentioned in the first post, and it bears repeating, the pie needs time to sit after coming out of the oven. My recipe suggested 10 minutes and that isn’t going to do it. You will have nothing resembling a slice; chicken stew with a crust swimming on it would be more accurate.
What I do is make it well ahead of time and we re-heat in the microwave. Other than the leftover feeling from the get-go (but who minds leftovers?) it works great. One pie gives us two meals; another bonus from my standpoint.

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