Potluck food

For me, there are three qualifications for a good potluck dish for those work get-together or family events.
1. It must be able to sit at room temp for a few hours without starting to look funny, taste funny or flat-out start to go bad. This goes double for work potlucks where refrigerator space is at a premium.
2. Relatively easy and turn out predictably.
3. Mass appeal.

My brother turned 40 recently; and his party was last night. It doesn’t get much easier or more appealing that this Italian Pasta Salad. Colored, pretty pasta, bottled Italian dressing, cut-up pepperoni, cubed cheese, and veggies.

I just made sloppy joes for a work potluck tomorrow. Very easy and it goes over very well. Dragging the crock pot in will be the hardest thing of whole process. A coworker is bring buns, so one less thing I have to carry.

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