On our weekly grocery shopping trip this morning Husband noted the blueberries were on sale. Would I make a blueberry pie today? Of course. But I did ask him to sort the berries. Four pints of blueberries went in the cart; twice the needed amount for a standard pie.

The sorting consisted of three bowls; excellent, acceptable and not acceptable. Luckily there were not a lot in the unacceptable category and those are now on the deck to see if birds might like them. Another bowl of acceptable fruit is the kitchen for ice cream and cereal toppings. The rest has been baked into a pie.

It surprised me looking at recipes how relatively few suggest picking through the berries. There is a big difference between a large, properly ripe blueberry and a small, under-ripe tart one.

Personally I don’t care for blueberries. Maybe I have just gotten too bad ones, maybe it’s the flavor or texture or maybe I just don’t like blue foods. Regardless-Husband has a pie to himself.

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